Publish in AWS a raspberryPi shot

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How to see and be seen

The easiest way to publish the photos taken by the Raspberry and of course to take the photos on raspberry then publish them on this one directly with a Web server.

Why it is still necessary here our system in my case the reliability of my internet connection of my raspberry prefer do not allow imagine published the photos so simply. I had to imagine a system you allowed me to take the photos and then publish them on the AWS Cloud. To do this I used on the raspberry side the raspistill software to take the photos, and the AWS CLI to send the documents on S3. On the AWS side I used the features of S3 which allows you to publish a static website with the storage capacity to scale up and the availability of the Cloud. To set up this infrastructure I used terraform

on AWS side

To do this I used two web resource pages: hosting a static website on s3 using terraform and s3-bucket-listing

Terraform setup

git clone
cd s3-static-website

terraform init

export AWS_PROFILE=default
export TF_VAR_domain_name=to-drop1
export TF_VAR_aws_region=eu-west-1
terraform apply

aws s3 sync dist s3://$TF_VAR_domain_name

you can test on yours browser: curl https://s3.$$TF_VAR_domain_name/listing.html in my case:

On Raspberry pi

After AWS CLI installation

pip3 install awscli --upgrade --user

I can use configure for setup my AWS credential.

aws configure

I have add on script on my crontab

$ crontab -l

1 14 * * * /home/pi/photo/ 100
*/15 * * * * /home/pi/photo/ 10

$ cat /home/pi/photo/


PHOTO=photoVDL-$1-$(date +"%Y-%m-%d_%H%M").jpg

raspistill -q $1 -rot 270 -o /tmp/$PHOTO

/home/pi/.local/bin/aws s3 cp /tmp/$PHOTO  s3://

rm /tmp/$PHOTO

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